Heaven's Tower area

Heaven’s Tower mountains encompasses an area of 12,500 square miles. The farthest East region has the iconic Heaven’s Tower with a pinnacle of over 21,000 feet. To the west are lower mountains which surround the Valley of Ishale. To the northwest is a Heaven’s Tower Lake which is about 60 × 50 miles.

Between the lake and the mountains to the south and south east is a heavily forested area which is home to many Gorc tribes.

When the Wizard, Fayen Southwind, in 2268 decided to establish his tower in the area, the towns were no more than sleepy farming communities and had been for centuries with only some disputes between the Dwarves and the Grey Elves. A growing threat of Gorcs had emerged more recently in t he area. Fayen waged battle against the numerous Gorcs before deciding on a new course of action. He decided to indoctrinate the tribal leaders with a variety of evil gods. Utilizing pain, strife, infighting, domination and patron sacrifice he was able to keep the Gorcs busy fighting each other and self regulating their numbers. In exchange, the Gorc chieftans agreed to not attack the humans, if they did not take things from their lands.

Commerce through the towns grew as the various demands of the wizard brought people and goods from throughout the empire. Fayen lived a long time though the traffic slowed considerably and only an odd peddler of exotic goods would come to the tower. The area had established a consistent trade route with Richenshire and also traded often with the Gorcs. Throughout this time there cropped up additional threats from a group of ogres and also some hostile Fey creatures. Fayen was instrumental in keeping both threats at bay and somehow preventing each from occurring again.

Some time after 3100 the visitors stopped completely to the tower and it was assumed that Fayen had died. A great ceremony was held and a statue of Fayen was built in the hills above the towns as a reminder of their protector.

Heaven's Tower area

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